Owner Data for Energy Compliance

Empower your compliance outreach with accurate, comprehensive data to connect with property owners and drive your business forward.

Local law compliance and benchmarking is your specialty.

Getting you in front of the right person is ours.

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Actovia has the most accurate commercial real estate owner data.

Advanced Property Search

Search commercial properties based on square feet, units, community district, BBL ending in.

Bulk Emails

Export bulk emails to boost your marketing campaign.

Identify Properties

Identify properties that are required to be in compliance for water and energy consumption.

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The growth of your business relies on your ability to get in front of clients at the exact time they are looking for you. Discover how to leverage Actovia’s CRE data to reach your target market.

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With Actovia's valuable CRE contact data, our sales & marketing team quickly increased the quality and depth of our marketing data, boosting the effectiveness of our lead generation efforts leading to increased sales.

Mike CookCo-Founder & Chief Growth Office, Runwise
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Unlock CRE data for your Local Law 97 driven business.
Actovia has the phone numbers, property details, and owner information to help you make the call.